The Importance of Keeping Your Bar Soap Dry

Posted by Shari Martin on

Your natural bar soap can last a very long time if you implement some strategies for keeping your soap dry after using it. If your soap is left in a moisture rich environment, the soap softens and turns kind of mushy. The next time you use it, more will be washed away than necessary.

We suggest you always have your natural soap on a soap tray that drains the water away. If you leave your soap in the shower, try to leave it in a spot where it gets a chance to dry out before your next shower. Keep it up off the floor and maybe get a shower caddy that keeps it out of the spray of the water. 

Another suggestion would be to use a loofah or shower sponge. This naturally creates extra bubbles that we often crave but the other advantage is it requires less soap to wash your body with. If you use your bar itself all over your body rather than a sponge, washcloth, loofah, you are washing a lot of your bar down the drain. We are certainly happy to supply you with more soap, but this will save you money for sure.

Keep an eye out for soap dish options on our website but for now, you can find great options on Amazon and the Dollar Store!