How Are We Different?

Posted by Shari Martin on

Do you have sensitive, dry itchy skin? Or, do you have very oily skin or some other frustrating skin condition?


Did you know it could be from the current soaps you are using! Did you know many commercially made soaps have chemicals in them that make them more sudsy but also dry the skin rather than nourish it?

Let Protocol Body help you have better skin. 

Large scale companies add cheap ingredients and chemicals to reduce their operating costs. Ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be very drying for most people's skin. This is used to create a sudsier soap. We have been conditioned to believe that suds = clean. Sure, bubbles feel good but there is actually no correlation between the bubbles and the level of cleanliness!

When we add chemicals to soaps we are interfering with our bodies natural ability to self regulate sebum levels(natural body oil). When chemicals are too harsh they wash away the skins protective barrier - being the sebum. Then the body has to work overtime to create more - sebum. The next time it might create too much or too little. When the skin is dry because the sebum is washed away, you are at risk of having dry flaky skin which damages the outer layer and creates cracking. Then you are battling with lotions & moisturizers trying to add moisture back to your skin. Many of these lotions are made up of chemicals too! Ugh!


How do you fix this never ending cycle? Consider switching your soaps and lotions. Before you do, make sure to read your soap labels carefully. All-Natural doesn't mean it actually is, as there is no regulation on using those words. If there are ingredients you can't pronounce or don't have any idea what they are, google them! They could be using the latin word for the ingredient, or it could be a harsh chemical. 


Protocol Body's ingredients are easy to read and research. We only use high quality oils and natural colourants. Watch for further blogs on ingredients including dyes.